Calendar Window for a Date Field in Portal 9i/10g

Documents Created by             : Bharat Gali

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Created date                            : 26-Jun-2004

Portal Version                          : 9i/10 G R2

Last Revised                            :22-Apr-2010


 Steps to create a calendar and integrate to oracle portal form (9.x/10.x)



        date picker object( Calendar popup).     






        <A id=anchor1


           'anchor1','MM/dd/yyyy'); return                  false;"

           href=" #"




          original name of the field is INV5.DEFAULT.INV_FROM_DATE.01(this will be  find out by

          view source of the run time form).

    Since java script will have problems when the field names contain .. the reading of field

    should be like document.all('INV5.DEFAULT.INV_FROM_DATE.01') as show in the above



           ***** Note In the above code   means nothing you

           can use . Actually if the implementation fails it goes to specified site.